This is a resource area for charities in Ireland, containing all public research undertaken in the name of Legacy Insights to date by Campaign Solutions.

Market Overview

These reports seek to identify the overall scale of legacy giving in Ireland and trends emerging over time

Legacy Insights Research Consortium

The following are reports prepared with data supplied by the Legacy Insights Research consortium, made up of 25 leading Irish charities. Two versions are prepared – the first client report has more detail and analysis, but a second public report as shown here is also prepared to help support charities more generally in lreland to be more ambitious to grow their legacy income also.

Legacy Insights Research – Probate Review

The next report was prepared with data supplied by the Dublin Probate Office Legacy Insights.

Sector Reports

The report on the Arts was the first sectoral analysis of legacies undertaken in Ireland. It was completed with the support of OKC Consulting and The Art’s Council RAISE programme.

Legacy Resourcing

This report is based on a survey of fundraisers and looks at where legacy sits in. Legacy and Resourcing. Published November 2022.

Older Research:

While working at The Community Foundation for Ireland, Niall O’Sullivan authored:

  • Realising the Power and Potential of Charitable Bequests in Developing Irish Philanthropy. Published March 2010, available online here