Research by Campaign Solutions has identified far more legacy income for Irish charities than was previously thought. Legacy expert Niall O’Sullivan believes the trend can continue upward and – if charities are more ambitious and proactive – we can double legacy income in Ireland over the coming decade and treble income by 2050.

Campaign Solutions has established a research consortium of charities to build a dataset about legacy giving in Ireland. This is based on international comparators. Is your charity making the most of its potential? Legacy Insights research service is relevant for charities with ambitions to increase and diversify their fundraising income via legacies, and who already have income and therefore data that they can share.

Legacy Insights Clients Benefit:

Established since 2021 this is a fee based research service which seeks to help support charities to develop their legacy income and build a bank of information on legacies in Ireland. Among the client benefits are:

  1. Full sight of a public Legacy Insight Trends report (also written by Campaign Solutions) which covers annual legacy income and is based on data secured from annual reports / accounts or data provided directly by charities on request. Year 1 report covered 2015 – 2019. It has been updated annually since.
  2. There is a client event and shared learnings of the public version of the Legacy Insights Trends report (there will be a separate public event / forum also).
  3. The detailed report – based on more detailed legacy data supplied by clients – provides important new insights about legacies. This will allow you to benchmark against a range of other charities and can help highlight future opportunities.
  4. The bigger picture is that, together, we are building a new data bank for Ireland which is essential, as we – as a sector – seek to grow legacy income.

Legacy Insights: Client charities generating legacy income provide data, which is combined with other clients’ datasets to created a detailed research further report based on the findings.

  • Information provided by clients covers:
    • the bequest itself – € value, type
    • the legators (male/female, location – county)
    • previous relationship (if any) with the charity
    • whether bequest is restricted
    • other charitable bequests (if known) also left – this information helps identify bequest information for public trends report – to help make it as complete as possible.
  • Data is provided in a standard Excel format. Client organisations will gain new insights like never before, not just about the market trends, but insights into where and how best to invest their legacy budget.

How Does this Help YOU?

  • Help you better plan to increase legacy income in the years and decades ahead.
  • Information is power. Have data driven conversations re the allocation of resources, budgets and time for legacies – even if legacy income is new or still occasional.
  • Have better conversations with board and management.
  • Better present your legacy offering to donors and supporters.
  • Learn from the mistakes and successes of others.
  • Develop a legacy friendly culture in your organisation.
  • Be proud of your legacy work!

Please note: We will not be publishing (unless with express permission) individual organisation legacy income or activity scores in the reports.


Your client fee for 2024 is based on an average of your legacy income over 2020 / 2021 / 2022. Significant discounts apply for My Legacy members, with discounts also for CII members. Note: VAT is additional.

My Legacy CIIFull rate
Legacy Income Fees:
Less than €19k €100 €125 €150
€20k – €99k €150 €200 €225
€100k – €349k €250 €330 €375
€350k – €749k €400 €540 €600
Over €750k  €600 €800 €900

Other Benefits

  • This is new research for Ireland. Legacy Insights research helps charities to better plan, to be more ambitious and helps fundraisers in their organisations to better articulate the need for more resources – based on the potential that exists. It also helps organisations, such as My Legacy and others to lobby more effectively for change at government level for better tax opportunities and more re legacies.
  • Together we can all grow legacy income in Ireland!

Legacy Market Tracker: This is an additional piece of research and is an annual public report of legacy giving to charities. It seeks to answer the following:

  • Market size
  • Is the market growing, static or falling?
  • Income and share of the different charity sectors?
  • How many charities were identified as receiving bequests in a given year?
  • What is the market share of the Top 10 / 20 / 50 charities?
  • What other factors are affecting current and future legacy giving?
  • The shorter snapshot report is available to all.
  • For Legacy Insights research clients – additional info: Is your charity’s share rising or falling? Where are you in the ‘Top 100? Each charity client will get additional supplementary information, individual to that organisation.

Year 1 report covered 2015 – 2019 inclusive and each subsequent report adds a new year thereafter. 2020, 2021 and 2022 have since been added. Longitudinal data is essential to build our understanding regarding legacy giving in Ireland and helps feed into the shaping of government policy on philanthropy.