Other Legacy Fundrasing Services at Campaign Solutions:

Campaign Solutions can:

  • Undertake focus groups with charity supporters specifically about legacies.
    • What inspires your donors to give to you – and indeed to other charities?
    • A focus group audience can include donors, but can also include the individuals or families you serve, vendors, board members, volunteers and community stakeholders. You might want to conduct several focus groups, perhaps divided by age, affiliation or gender.
  • Prepare a legacy fundraising strategy and plan that is right for your organisation.
  • Train, coach and mentor your staff to deliver the strategy.
  • One to one legacy training course. Completed over e.g. Zoom, they are a combination of online training and one to one mentoring – which culminates in the creation of a new legacy fundraising plan for your organisation and significant learnings for the participant(s).
  • A mix of the above.

Consultancy fees are available on request following an initial review of needs and opportunities and are based on a daily rate.

Niall’s Bona Fides in this Space

Niall has significant legacy expertise in this space. In 2010 he was responsible for the (then) most comprehensive research paper on Irish legacies which you can read here

MyLegacy is an umbrella group of national and local charities throughout Ireland that seeks to make charitable bequests a normal part of making a will. He was a board member of MyLegacy from 2011 to 2012 and is again since 2017.

A number of legacy pledges were made during his time working on legacies at The Community Foundation for Ireland. He also oversaw a legacy campaign for an environmental charity a decade agao – which is thought may be responsible for its legacy income since. His own will includes a commitment to leave 10% to support environmental charities / projects in Dublin and / or Wexford.

Looking more Generally at Legacies, some Fundamental Questions are:

  • How good are your existing materials and communications?
  • Legacy giving is changing – is your charity attractive to a new generation of donors? How do you know?
  • What are the core motivations why donors leave gifts to charities in their wills?
  • Are you creating powerful communications that inspire and motivate your donors that have a lasting impact?
  • Is your charity operating and thinking as a team to embed a legacy culture?
  • Have you secured significant legacy gifts from major donors? Do you want to?
  • How is technology relevant to growing legacy giving?
  • Legacy conversations through the power of stories are a great starting point. What are your charity’s stories?
  • Ultimately, great donor care over the lifetime of giving is key to dramatically increasing legacy income.

To find out more, or to discuss your requirements in detail, contact us