Campaign Solutions is Ireland’s leading fundraising and specialist prospect research agency. Having worked with many charitable organisations providing research and consultancy for successful fundraising, Campaign Solutions can help identify your wealthiest supporters or identify new prospects for your cause. We are here to help you meet your fundraising goals. Please note that wealthiest does not necessarily mean best donor for you – we also advise on the need to invest time in working with donors to bring them on board. The screening research is one step in the process and Campaign Solutions will only work with organisations it considers will be responsible with any information provided.

Campaign Solutions was established by Niall O’Sullivan. He has broadened his offering to include fundraising and legacy planning and coaching and mentoring. He has also worked in the philanthropy field for many years. Niall lives in Dublin. He is married, has two increasingly opinionated but brilliant kids. He is passionate about swimming and the outdoors generally.

Niall can also call up on other skilled fundraisers and coaches if required for specific or larger projects.


M: 087 997 4977