Legacy Income in Ireland Continues to Rise

The third in the series of annual Ireland legacy overview reports has just been released. Among the findings are that:

Verified legacy income of €87,243,969 was identified for 2021.

A review of over 100 charities that received legacies in both 2016 and in 2021 shows that their combined legacy income grew almost 40% in that six-year timeframe.

Verified income has increased from €34.6m in 2015 to €87.2m in 2021. That’s an increase of 152%!

The top 10 charities received over 37% of all recorded legacy income in 2021. 

The highest annual income for any one organisation recorded was €9.6 million (in 2021) – a new high during the timeframe of this research.

More organisations are securing €1m + in legacy income. 21 did so in 2021.

Charities in Ireland have a very significant opportunity to grow legacy income in the short and long terms – demographics, inherited wealth and other indicators point to this potential.

You can find this and other reports at https://campaignsolutions.ie/legacy-library-ireland/

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