Legacy Insights Research Launch 25.10.2022

The Campaign Solutions Legacy Insights Research in person event takes place 25.10.2022. A huge thank you to the good people in Key Capital for sponsoring the event. Campaign Solutions presents new research on the scale of the Irish ‘market’, legacy values, numbers leaving bequests in Ireland, a look at the strongest sectors, possible impact of religion, international comparisons, contexts needed for a better future and what we as charities / fundraisers can do to make a real difference in growing legacy income in Ireland in the future. A huge thank you to the Dublin Probate Office for their insights and the following charities who understand the need to invest in data and help develop the legacy market in Ireland:

Alzheimers Society of Ireland
Anne Sullivan Centre
Child Vision
Concern Worldwide
Cork Simon
Debra Ireland
Dogs Trust Ireland
Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind
Irish Heart Foundation
Irish Hospice Foundation
Irish Red Cross
MSF Ireland
Our Lady’s Hospice Group
Samaritans Ireland
St John of God Foundation
St Vincent De Paul

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