Legacy Insights – Ireland Overview 2015 – 2020

  • The new report has confirmed / verified legacy income of €318,864,874 in the six years 2015 – 2020. Of this amount, €26,732,718 represents new data for 2015 – 2019, with over €8.6m for 2018 alone (i.e. this had not been identified for the first 2021 report).
  • Verified income increased from €34.38m in 2015 to €54.63m in 2020. That’s an increase of almost 60%!
  • 2020 saw a small fall however of 1.4% compared to 2019.
  • It is estimated that, having reviewed the information gaps, the 2020 total legacy income for the Republic of Ireland was €61.13m.
  • 177charities had confirmed bequest income as per this report covering 2015 – 2020. Overall, the number of charities actually getting bequests is still tiny.
  • 2017 remains the standout year. Elizabeth O’Kelly almost doubled the legacy income in 2017 when she left €30m to five charities.
  • Some sectors have minimal legacy income, notably arts / culture organisations. .
  • Many people would argue that climate change / our environment is the biggest issue facing mankind. Charities in this sector receive a tiny amount of the total legacy income.
  • The top 10 charities received over 50% of all recorded legacy income in each year. 
  • The lowest amount recorded by a single charity – other than the many hundreds receiving zero – was €150, but it is a start!
  • The highest annual income for any one organisation recorded was just over €9m – which happened in 2017.
  • More organisations are securing €1m or more in legacy income. 2017 saw 16 charities do so, up from 7 in 2015, while 14 achieved this milestone in 2020. 17 more charities received income between €500k-€999k also.

The full report is available by emailing info@campaignsolutions.ie

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