2020 Legacy Review

Initial figures for 2021 suggest a near 13% decline in legacy income for Irish charities. The dataset is not yet complete, so this is based on a review of just over 100 charities. There have been some remarkable increases however but it is clear that legacy is still an unpredictable source of income for many charities.


A more detailed 2020 analysis will be included in the next Legacy Insights report in 2022. In the meantime you may be interested in the webinar , held on November 30 to mark the final day of My Legacy Month for 2021. Niall O’Sullivan and Ellie O’Donnell spoke about legacies in Ireland including looking at possible reasons for the 2020 decline. We believe that 2021 will see improvements again. If you would like a copy of the Legacy Insigts Report which reviewed the years 2015 – 2019, please email info@campaignsolutions.ie

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