September Newsletter Update

2021 has been a busy year for charities and it’s been a busy time too for Campaign Solutions.

I am currently compiling a Million Euro Donations report for Ireland. The good news is that over 100 have been identified… but there are more. Each donation listed has to have a web source link included. It covers gifts from individuals, corporates, gifts to and from foundations and bequests. Many in the public domain are to the university sector but there are many more in charities that have received less publicity (I believe). If your charity was the beneficiary of such largesse and you have information you can share – including basic details for anonymous donations – please do let me know. In time a report will be made available on request and the data will also form the basis for a number of philanthropy seminars also.

Charity Fundraising Reviews. Campaign Solutions has undertaken a number of fascinating fundraising reviews for charities in 2021 and is starting another. It’s been a privilege to ‘get under the bonnet’ of a number of charities and we believe the recommendations will truly strengthen these organisations in the coming years.

Its been a busy year on the legacy front covering: Legacy Training has been undertaken with six charities so far this year. Legacy plans to help transform your organisations’ approach to legacies. Legacy research consortium: Thank you to the 21 charities who came on board to undertake new legacy research. For a short introductory document r elegacies, please email Exiting new legacy information will be coming out in the months ahead with data currently being collated. This will build into a long-term resource on the extent and the nuances around legacies in Ireland specifically. If you would like a copy of the public report launched in March 2021 on the overview of the Irish market, please contact me by reply email.

Legacy Podcast. This podcast was undertaken with the good people in LawOnline. See

Prospect research – there has been yet more incredible wealth created in Ireland in 2020 and 2021. Make the most of your database with a wealth screening. Before you do, you may need to amend your data privacy policy. A number of charities I have worked with this year have done. Over 100,000 people have been contacted by their charity about the changed privacy policy and no negative responses were received. Zero! More details on prospect research at: and

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