Legacy Insights – A New Beginning for Legacy Research in Ireland

Super to be up and running with such a good group of charities. Looking forward to lots of useful legacy research findings in the months and years ahead. It’s another important part of the philanthropy and fundraising eco-system for Ireland as we seek to be more data-driven and professional in how we approach and improve legacy fundraising and communications. Legacy income for charities will most likely continue to grow significantly over the next decade and beyond, but those charities that are proactive will benefit most.  A list of the client charities involved is below. Thank you all for coming on board! Together, they represent over half of the 2019 documented legacy income that Legacy Insights is so far aware of.

In March 2021 a public report was published and this is available to all. The next phase of research will focus on specific legacy data and legacy activity by client charities to build a better pricture of legacy giving in Ireland. We will identify trends, opportunities and establish the benchmarks for further ongoing research.

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